Introduction to selected phenomena of quantum transport

CFEL, Hamburg, October 10th-13th, 2016
  1. (Mon) Introductory remarks on quantum mechanics. Three simple examples: free particle, particle-in-a-box and the simplest version of a 1D crystal (tight-binding model). Band structure. Approaches to electron transport: classical, semiclassical and fully quantum-mechanical. Examples of low-dimensional systems. Slides. Notes on sources.
  2. (Tue) Remote doping in semiconductor heterostructures. Quantised conductance in narrow channels (quasi 1D). Landauer formula. Thermopower (Seebeck effect). Tunneling through quantum dots (QDs). Coulomb blockade. Bonus: Kondo effect in a QD. Slides. Notes on sources.
  3. (Wed) Aharonov-Bohm effect. Weak localisation, coherence length. 2DEG in perpendicular magnetic field (Landau levels), integer quantum Hall effect. Insulating regime (quantised transversal resistance), activated transport. Edge states. Topological insulators (2D). Fractional quantum Hall effect. Slides. Notes on sources.
  4. (Thu) Superconductivity. Anomalous Hall effect. Spin-orbit interaction (Rashba effective SOI as an example), Edelstein effect. Spin-orbit torque for ferromagnets and antiferromagnets. Anisotropic magnetoresistance. Spin Seebeck effect. Hanle effect. Spin-transfer torque. Slides. Notes on sources.

Karel Vyborny, Oct13 2016, back