Selected presentations, Karel Výborný

  1. Magnetotransport in two dimensional small-period Superlattices",
    Physikalisches Kolloquium , BTU Cottbus, Germany, (10.4.2001). (+ the same around that time in the groups of Rolf Haug, Daniela Pfannkuche and Burkard Hillebrands)

  2. Magnetoresistance Calculations for a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas with Unilateral Short-Period Strong Modulation,
    Group K. von Klitzing, Max Planck Institut, Stuttgart, Germany, (10.6.2002).

  3. Filling factor 2/3: What happens when incompressible states are not fully spin polarized,
    group W. Wegscheider, Univ. Regensburg, Germany, (20.12.2004).

  4. Signatures of a highly--correlated itinerant ferromagnet in fractional quantum Hall systems,
    group M. Manninen, Univ. of Jyväskylä, Finland (18.08.2005).

  5. How to find a skyrmion in an FQH experiment?,
    group D. Pfannkuche, Univ. of Hamburg, Germany (17.02.2006),
    group S. Reimann, Univ. of Lund, Sweden (24.11.2006).

  6. The wonderful world of the fractional quantum Hall effect: Is the electron charge really indivisible?,
    group J. Horejsi, Univ. of Prague, Czech Rep. (22.11.2006),
    group D. Pfannkuche, Univ. of Hamburg, Germany (29.11.2006).

  7. Extraordinary transport coefficients in GaMnAs,
    group A. Wojs, Tech. Univ. of Wroclaw, Poland (19.04.2007),
    group R. Haug, Univ. of Hannover, Germany (24.04.2007).

  8. Proč závisí odpor magnetu na směru magnetizace aneb Spintronika,
    Milan Odehnal Prize lecture, JČMF/Univ. of Prague (09.05.2007).

  9. Anisotropic magnetoresistance via Boltzmann equation: scattering rates and beyond,
    (fsb-dwr), Seminar of the Institute of Physics, Wroclaw, Poland (19.05.2008).

  10. Towards engineering artificial graphene,
    (11-rap) colloquium, Rapid City, SD, USA; South Dakota School of Mines and Technology; Sep01, 2011

  11. Spin-orbit torques in ferromagnets and antiferromagnets,
    (16-3kk), 3KK seminar in Bratislava, Slovakia (04.01.2016). Slides.

  12. Spin-orbit torques in antiferromagnetic CuMnAs and its band structure,
    (17-hh1), seminar at Blick group, Hamburg, Germany (06.06.2017). Slides.

  13. manip. of AFM moments ,
    (18-mi), seminar ..., Milano, Italy (10.12.2018). Slides.

  14. Effective model of antiferromagnetic MnTe and anisotropic magnetoresistance,
    (19-kcl), seminar at Mark van Schilfgaarde group, London, UK (13.12.2019). Slides.

Feb02, 2020, K. Výborný