Curriculum Vitae


Full name: Jan Kučera (male)
Institutional affiliation: Institute of Physics ASCR
Cukrovarnická 10
Praha 6, 162 53, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 220  318 459
Present position: Scientist
Title: PhD
Field of specialization: Condensed Matter Theory


1983diploma (MSc) from Department of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Praha, Czechoslovakia
Diploma thesis: "Study of Molecule Polarisability in Molecular Crystals with Inclusion of the Local Field Effect"
1986RNDr. from Department of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Praha, Czechoslovakia
Specialization: Mathematical Physics
1990CSc. (PhD) from Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences
Praha, Czechoslovakia
PhD Thesis: "Theory of Electronic Transport in Two-Dimensional Systems in Presence of Magnetic Fields (Landauer Formalism)"


October 1983 - September 1984 Postgraduate Student
Department of Electrical Engineering
Technical University Brno
October 1984 - September 1985 Military Service
November 1985 - April 1987 Postgraduate Student
Institute of Physics CSAS
May 1987 - September 1990 PhD Student
Institute of Physics CSAS
October 1990 - present Scientist
Institute of Physics ASCR

Research Interests

The main field of Dr Kučera's interest lies in theoretical solid state physics, namely structural, transport and magnetic-field properties of low-dimensional semiconductor structures.

Dr Kučera spent he year 1992 as a post-doctoral fellow with Prof. Allan H. MacDonald at the Indiana University in Bloomington where he worked on the theory of transport in periodically-modulated low-dimensional systems.

In 1995-2000 he spent several long-term stages with the group of Prof. Ernest Sigmund at the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus, Germany (1995-97, part time 1998-2000) where he collaborated with Dr Ulrich Wulf. Among other topics under investigation was application of the R-matrix technique to various transport properties of semiconductor nanostructures.

As from 2001 he has been involved in modelling of electron multilayer structures in tilted magnetic field. More recently he has been also involved in investigation of spin-dependent properties of heterostructures, namely the properties of (III,Mn)V semicondutors.

Professional Societies

Society of Czechoslovak Mathematicians and Physicists

Other Activities

1997-2000 Pedagogical activities at the Brandenburg Technical University in Cottbus, Germany. Partof the lectures on mechanics, electricity and magnetism in the basic physics course, on thermodynamics and statistical physics in the theoretical physics course and in long term lecture/colloquia project "Numerical Methods in Physics".
2000-2001 Secretary of the Organizing Committee and Guest Editor of Physica E of the EP2DS-14 Conference in Praha, 2001.
2002-present Webmaster for the "Ferromagnetic Semiconductor Spintronics Web Project",
2004-present Among the duties of Dr Kučera belongs the care of the computer cluster of the Depratment.

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